Details of Denim Awaiting Innovation

We heard about denim history from many different writers and influencers. We saw how with help of narrow machines rigid materials can get the imperfect texture and how they can be turned in wonderful pieces. No one can deny this. And we are sure that this will continue to delight in the future, as it is now for everyone who can read these lines.

New innovations that will occur in denim, as in everything else that is changing, will be the first for those who read these lines and we are sure that those who read these lines will be one of the greatest stars of these innovations. 

Never forget that; there cannot be a long-standing future of something that has no past. 


Back Pocket:

Till these days brands explained their traditions, names and stories in the details of their back pockets. Brands like Evisu that give color to the denim world have also used the back of the trousers as a medium and we believe that designers will do more interesting work on the back pocket in the future as well. 

With the developing internet sales, this will be able to progress as Hand-made concept as well as in bulk production through the embroidery machines and printing technologies.

This medium is too valuable to be left empty and I am waiting with great excitement to see what kind of new and improved designs and functions they are going to come up with.


Again we have to point out how advanced denim traders are about this topic. I think we can spoil ourselves a bit because we're playing with a type of fabric that pushes yarn technology to the limit were we are able to make sportswear out of it. 

But did the designers and brands go far enough when it comes to sawing treats? 

When it comes to embroidery yes. In last few years we were pleasantly surprised but I think there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to adding 3D functions to the product, making it feel as hand-made or even adding different colors to denim. 


Nowadays, 99% of the time we are finding comfort in stretch materials, but someone should be developing new fits in rigid also.

Of course 99% also stands out as a considerably high rate. The most advanced blends of yarn technology continues to show the power of the elastane, a wide array of chemicals in the finishing process and new generation of machines.

But the real thing is... that when it comes to comfort designers have their hands full. I see fabricators as those who are there to change things up.

Coating and Prints:

Each and every one of us likes that shine that we get after a long time of using our trousers. We are grateful to denim experts who brought this to us with process of coating. 

When it comes to coloring it seems like there is nothing that haven’t been already tried... Did we test themocatalytic colors? Of course we did. But what about function, comfort, use friendliness or post-wash coatings... 

Even if it seems far in future I believe coloring and coating will be in the center of the spotlight from 2021 afterwards.

Fit, Fit, Fit… 

I think fit, fit, fit should be my last words.

And I will not move forward without mentioning brand I got familiar with around 10 years ago, Balagans. I’m sure Philip is somewhere right now I’ve never seen before, trying new thing for the street performers.

But what about mass-market brands... will the big stars do their part when it comes to Diesel and G-Star

I’m sure they will... In this changing world even though the fits don’t change as much I’m confident that designs will meet the needs of linear costumers.