DenimBul is basically a commercial company that aims to win together with its partners and customers. In addition to our commercial goals, it is our social goals to contribute to the world we live in and to improve our social environment. In this context, we accept; to support our children in their educational life, to contribute to the social and business life of our daughters after school, to do our best for the needs of the living creatures on the streets; as our responsibility and liability to the society we live in.

While the blue tones of Indigo always satisfy our souls, watching environment going green more and more everyday, connects us to every new day with a greater love.

DenimBul is always ready for common social responsibility projects; We have welcomed every request and suggestion from suppliers and users since our first day.

In order to achieve all these social goals, we have created the DenimBul Social Responsibility Fund and we evaluate a certain part of our earnings from all transactions carried out with our system on behalf of all DenimBul stakeholders to make the world a better place in this fund.