DenimBul has made all the domestic and foreign suppliers and purchasers connected with the system and service developed for the world denim market. Garment manufacturers and brands have become an easy, fast on-line denim exchange that can be reached by feeding Denimbul's own sample stocks faster than ever before.Founded in Istanbul in 2018, DenimBul was established in order to provide the speed, reliability, convenience and added value needed by Denim Economy by using advanced internet software and ERP systems.

Cost Saving Sampling With Optimal Budgets

We do not need to explain that public transportation is more economical, accessible and systematic than private vehicles. Thanks to DenimBul, you can get your employees less exhausted for your shipments and reach the samples' address more quickly with very low budgets.

Minimize Your Operation & Overseas Marketing Budget

Show yourself, show more in detail... Most importantly, the products are displayed by the right person when they are searched. If there is any other alternative to having a sales representative at any time in the customers' office to do this at any moment, this is DenimBul.

Quick Sampling

DenimBul is a platform that will help you to combine all the pieces instantly without losing your excitement, your sample, what you are looking for while designing your designs. For this, you need to give us your sample order or the sample you are looking for, and you will receive all the details and samples of your solution without any additional communication other than waiting a few hours.

Optimum Profitability

Purchasers and Suppliers will now be able to trade within the targets they set for profitability. At the previously offered prices, both the buyer will be protected and the prices of the products determined by the supplier will create a faster and win & win scenario, which is time consuming with bargaining and similar activities.

Easiest & Most Efficient Sampling

DenimBul is your one and only solution partner to get you a competitive advantage by taking immediate results without wasting your time. In order to realize a design with DenimBul , you will not need to contact with many suppliers, wait for days from multiple suppliers for alterantives, ask for information repeatedly in different times for stock status or experiment with different fabrics.

Fair Competition

From now on, your collection, organization, quality and planning capabilities will be at the forefront. To open the doors will be only and only the decisive of the collection. Whoever directs more relationships, who does more advertising, will not determine neither the price nor the sale as it would before. DenimBul is a fair platform for both buyers and sellers in which products, quality and equality are the only priorities.

Business Ethics

Brands, Designers, and Buyers will no longer engage in any other topic while researching only the better and more appropriate. While providing fabrics that will give life to their designs more easily and faster from approved suppliers; as a part of neutrality and equality, they will not leave any question marks.


Not only the impact of your suppliers on you; to improve their impact on the world, its employees and all living things is in our union's hands. We know that we will improve the denim economy by bringing together denim producers who have adopted the principle of sustainable denim production. On the other hand, we are also happy that your suppliers have come all the way to reach you, send many samples and avoid your over-sampling.

Efficient Production Management

We know very well that each factory is differentiated from the others. We also know that not every factory should try to produce every fabric. Our suppliers are strongly encouraged to continue their production with fewer fabrics by taking part in DenimBul in the product groups they are strong, and to provide services with less quality and more efficient production. We are sure that it is better for everyone in the Denim sector.

Make Your Samples Delivered First

You know, Denim and DenimHeads are dynamic... Designs, dreams and samples are always urgent and must be realized as quickly as possible. If you need a fabric from your collection, you never know when it succumbs to time, because it has never belonged to you... We think there is no need to point out DenimBul for your samples to come to life in just a few hours.

Recommendation to New Customers & Markets

You just focus on manufacturing the better, better quality, more economical and more programmed way. Your customers and potential markets will find you in DenimBul anyway. It will always make us happy that you will take the seeds of long-term cooperation with us.

365 Days Free Exhibition

Exhibition organizations are the most common way to reach buyers around the world. And likewise fairs are a common way of seeing denim producers from all over the world. Who does not want to, when he wishes, from the region of his choice, at any price range and time to supply fabric. DenimBul provides its stakeholders with this partnership without losing time and resources for 365 days.

Participating in The Champions League of Denim

Who does not want to appear among the companies that direct the world denim sector, which only meets the DenimBul certification criteria, denim suppliers adhering to the rules of ethics trading will be accepted. Since its inception, DenimBul, who has worked with well-proven suppliers in Ethics, Sustainability, Reliability and Know-How without considering any commercial concerns, has the mission to shape the champions who deserve tomorrow's denim world.

Information Flow According to Trends

DenimBul, to prevent its suppliers and purchasers from focusing on their goals more easily and wasting time with ambiguous goals and doing surplus work; always shares the newest, the best, the developments in the market, the expectations of the suppliers and the buyers regularly with their stakeholders.

Reliable Suppliers

Are you sure that your potential and existing partners are faithful to you, the Denim World and the Earth, and wouldn't you want your ideas and experiences to be scored? It is the responsibility of all of us to create suppliers that will benefit both for your development and respect the development of the world in a changing world.

Our Social Responsibility Organizations

Did you know that when you design, both your suppliers' savings and the volume of business you are part of are the source of your social responsibility projects by your suppliers? For a more livable world, we first highlight the beautiful colors that our daughters and then the street souls have brought to our world; is the first priority of DenimBul corporate social responsibility projects.

Revivify Your Designs

You know, sometimes you make great designs, but it's either too early or the value it deserves not given. Don't let them disappear! Share with us, inspire us! Increase the visibility of you and your company.