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Most accurate address of demanded fabric, DenimBul; delivers alternatives hitting the targets of its users just in few hours..

DenimBul, which blends trained manpower with technology, logistical convenience and opportunities; is few steps ahead of partners and users of our age. İt is goal-oriented and supportive with minimum wastage.

Our system, which has the right suggestions and choices when it comes to fabric whose improvement is professionally planned each minute, is aiming to reach the result in the shortest way by creating time and resources for both buyers and suppliers.


In the heart of the denim industry, Istanbul, which is the bridge of Asia and Europe, we provide the needs of designers and product developers, sometimes within minutes and sometimes within hours, through the software and operation infrastructure that provides the highest level of tracking and confidentiality.

We mediate to meet the needs of our partners and users in shortest period of time as possible, with the help of our infrastructure which is adapted to make sample delivery to Turkish and European brands and confectioners in a maximum of 24 hours.


One of our main objectives is to increase the competitiveness of our partners and keep one step ahead of them by reducing 70% of the time and cost spent in transnational cooperation.

We have significantly reduced the costs of fabric suppliers by simply managing the collections of fabric factories with an advanced technological infrastructure from a single warehouse. DenimBul system which responds within hours is also used as the manufacturers’ warehouse. We make sure that our supplier are one step forward with the max 24 hours deliveries anywhere within Turkey or Europe and we also ensure that the demands of apparel manufacturers and brands are met within hours.