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Life cycle, timings, success and failure rates, agreements and disagreements of the projects developed through DenimBul are recorded in our infrastructure and made out into meaningful data.


We are working towards making the operations and collections of our partners more effective by taking the information that may be required to improve the performance of our suppliers and apparel users' activities and products from the expanding data pool in our system and forwarding them to the relevant management units.

Our service and product providers can take reports on the effectiveness and performance of their collections, employees and services so they can develop more effective products and services. In many respects, the DenimBul infrastructure records the reports that will be filtered according to different criteria.


Our suppliers and users who have already undergone many reviews for the DenimBul partnership would like to follow up with feed-backs from their customers and suppliers in the ongoing process and open the way for safer and more comfortable cooperation for the future.

In terms of solution orientation, productivity and cooperation for our partners and users, as each step is followed and understood through our system, we contribute to the better service and product service of our Denim community.


With the help of DenimBul system it is easy to access all the technical and commercial details about the fabric. All the details of the supply chains, the most basic information, technical test results, are one click away.

Tests applied to a product to enter the DenimBul system, technical information form from the supplier, reference sample and other commercial and operational information are recorded in a live form on the system with more than 50 details for each product. Live information about the suppliers' products and stock status and their time limitations are recorded momentarily and can be shared live with all stages of the supply chain. In this way, DenimBul users will be more comfortable and trusting when developing products and our suppliers will focus only on sustainable improvement.


With its advanced test infrastructure, DenimBul is at the service to its users and partners, from the first entry of a sample to our warehouses, to the test of production and shipment stage.

It’s the fact that sometimes designers and buyers are challenged with demanded but not quantified tiny samples in daily rush. With our advanced testing equipment and our expert technical staff, we can even examine the finest details of the fabric and use it to make our users choose the fastest and most reliable products.