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DenimBul engineers, who contribute to Denim World with their experience, in time of need are ready to provide all kinds of technical services to their suppliers, designers and buyers.

From fabric analysis to fabric research, from fabric tests to the solution of quality problems after loading, we provide service to our users with solution-oriented, productive and easier and faster information sharing in every field.


In the process of developing project-based fabrics for our Brands and Clothing Manufacturers, our expert team and consultants design the fabrics that are suitable for market dynamics and are up-to-date.

Solutions for the samples that are not found in our system or for the ones that need technical analysis are produced by our expert time within hours.

We make target-oriented improvements with the most ideal suppliers on the basis of product group. On the other hand, we create the most commercial and innovative fabrics with our expert team and consultants for the product groups that our suppliers think are missing in the collection. 


We analyze the motivation of our brand and wearers with our latest technology test devices, then we put their dreams into numbers first, then share our suggestions to make the dream come true.

Sometimes we prepare tests and reports on the one meter long fabric, sometimes on just few squere centemeters but sometimes test are run on the achived shelved pair of pants. Our experienced team who understand the main goals of these inspiration sources are working with the highest level of confidentiality in the shortest time possible with our suggestions, which are most suitable to the criteria of the designers and the buyers.


DenimBul personnel provides service with the problems and improvement works that users and suppliers may encounter.

As well as the other projects realized through DenimBul, our experienced technicians in our Quality Control department provide immediate and constructive services to our customers without the need of them to travel internationally. In addition to this, we help our partner suppliers to work on project-based works with the world's leading names in R&D field that are necessary to increase productivity and improve process.