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To make the presentations of our Garment makers and Suppliers more effective, DenimBul member and full-time designers help with things from fabric washing, fit design to yarn selection.

Sometimes you may be starting a new market or brand service or sometimes you may want to bring new feeling to your collection. Our designers can develop this for you either in one of Istanbul’s or Italy’s laundries according to your targeted price, market or desired date. Combining all of these with the logistic infrastructure, DenimBul produces a ‘Know-How’ to our partners and adds a new sense of breath to Denim Fashion manufacturers.


On a project-based basis we bring together dozens of DenimBul freelance designers, design offices as well as our apparel and fabric suppliers.

You can see them sometimes on our blog, news or events. We help our designer friends who are living, dreaming and producing Denim to work with the manufacturers on the right project, in the right time and with the right budgets and with the most productive scenarios. Designers from all over the world share their designs with DenimBul every day and wait patiently right time for their ideas to come to life.


Our collection design service, that is special for our partner suppliers, includes more advenced market tracking system, from costumer-oriented collection design to design presentation.

Our experienced product development specialists and freelance consultants follow the developments of the market closely. Thanks to our interdisciplinary working environment, cooperation with different cultures and companies, we are able to monitor the data in the Denim Ecosystem. After preparing the necessary brief for the product group or markets that our suppliers need, following the factory meetings, starting with the most suitable yarn and dyestuff, a collective product group suitable for the target market and price band is formed.


Unwashed authentic denim is always more beautiful, without doubt, but for our suppliers’ and clothing manufacturers’ product presentation we work with the best washing companies in Turkey and Italy.

We provide the necessary support for our partner and users to further develop their products, create new ideas, increase the possibilities of sales and to mediate the transfer of Know-How. Especially with this service we provide for our suppliers, to make their collections and presentaions more effective we are creating collaboration with the appropriate washing houses.