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With our experienced and expert staff and interdisciplinary approach, we offer the right solutions for our partners in every aspect when it comes to denim.

We give our consultancy service with our team of specialised expert professinals aware of all the industry dynamics about market – based business development and fabric R&D issues, Technical issues, Sustainable production technics and trends issues. As we appreciate to be a part of continious development, we are also happy to observe the development of our proven partners. For that reason; we support the development of our suppliers with all our capabilities, no metters if it is near or far.


In the event of time when our partner suppliers are requested to adapt to the changing market dynamics we prepare reports and make contribution to our suppliers to work with right collections on the market.

This can sometimes be an introduction to a new market, and sometimes to suppliers who want to improve the service they provide for specific brands; to determine trends, developments and the right goals, we follow our findings and recommendation reports with experts in every market and brand. We believe that the basis of the right cooperation for DenimBul and the Denim world lay in our partners serving the markets and brands with the right product groups at the right time. 


Together with our experts we design products or product groups that our suppliers think are lacking and we design materials for more productive collections.

The fact is that the developing and changing world has changed its fashion economy and trends. First, customers, than the brands and, finally, the needs of apparel, are gradually adapting to this change. In our fabric development projects, that we do with our experts and, if necessary, with our experts who are specialized in their fields, we develop the fabrics that are suitable for fashion, time, trends and market realness.


We know we can change the world for better with increasing our sensitivity to environment-friendly production and social responsibility. That is why those are some of the conditions for DenimBul partnership.

We sometimes support sustainability with products improvment, sometimes with solutions that extend the durability of the product, and sometimes by improving production processes with products that are less harful for environment. We are ready to support our supplier partners with the most innovative solutions to increase the use of regenerated fibers and to ensure less water, chemical and raw material consumption in product development, production till the final product. In time of production we reduce energy, water consumption, re-use of water, advanced automation systems reduce time and electricity consumption.


It is possible to find a suitable candidate in the DenimBul network for all category and role our suppliers and users need.

We want our partners to develop as a more dynamic, more productive and successful co-operative together with the suggestion of dozens of candidates that have got many references and experiences.