Can't be maintained before it starts. Can't start without measurement

2019 became a year where denim manufacturers, designers, product developers, CSR responsible, brands and countless other trend-setters started 'getting tired' of talking about sustainability. 

Even though they are fatigue of it, the 'new' things are coming on surface. Maybe they are not coming as fast as they should, but ultimately we have to think of it as valuable thing. We should support every idea and event with our work, experiences and business processes. 

As Denimbul we know that our fundamental contribution to sustainability will not be shown in its full glory in 2019 but from day one we are sure we can provide savings to a lot different areas as far as the denim industry goes. From day one we are oppressed with idea of having proper platform for the ones who are investing in sustainability and the suppliers who are aware of the world and try to be useful.

Fact no 1

If we look at denim itself, we have to, with the great dose of remorsefulness, accept the fact that it is, in fact, the material that is used in every stage and that is damaging for environment. From water to chemicals, from cotton to water waste, from human health to air pollution, we stole a lot from nature. And to anyone who sees themselves as Denim-Head these are serious enough offenses to give a sense of guilt.

Designer Adiana Goldshmied's admittance that says ''I'm part of the generations that broadens the meaning of environmental pollution'' should make us think deeper. 

It is evident that today's denim producers are making a lot of investments to reuse their resources, to reduce their energy and water consumption and use less environmentally harmful colorants, on the other hand the fact is that manufacturers will continue to use the price as and advantage remains.

We live in age where denim apparel factory produces denim for cost of 3.5 euros, where denim consumers criteria is 'the prize tag' and where the retail brands try to push limits to satisfy the mass that requires more. All of this is quite hard to change.
Fact no 2

We, in Denimbul, are aiming to make contributions to World by making our supplier provide at least 20% of sustainable products. In addition to that our aim is to:
- lower the number of travels for suppliers
- have more focused sample operation
- have less courier and cargo operations
- contribute to resource saving with focused collections that will increase efficiency. 
In future we plan to increase the procentage of sustainable products as well as increasing our motivation for making the world better place for living by applying necessary actions to CSR. 

Last months announcement from Kingpins' Andrew Olah together with Sportswear International that suppliers who are not CSR certificated will no longer be accepted starting 2020, brought big satisfaction. "We should stop talking about what should be done and do it" said Olah in his speech with the thought in mind that brands and manifacturers will show respect to these boundaries and support this movement altogether. 

Our goal is to be satisfied with benefiting firstly the people then the environment and ultimately the world, to then understand that that is our obligation and responsibility and give motivation and keep th enthusiastic approach towards investors and suppliers who have bigger impact on the industry.